Oracle Solaris Studio 12.2 on Solaris 11 Express

It’s that time again where I like to get my hands dirty with a new project, so I am going to try and move our Fabrication CAD/CAM users off their PC’s and onto my favorite Sun Ray thin clients by using the Sun Ray 5.2 framework with Vmware View.

As part of this I wanted to install the Sun Studio for development, now called Oracle Solaris Studio.

It seems there is a bit of an issue at present with this on Solaris 11 express, if you try and install by the package installer it gives you and error telling you to install Studio via the IPS system from package manager.  Only problem is Studio doesn’t actually exist in the Oracle pkg repository.

To get around this we are going to extract the packages from the installer and install them ourselves.  I don’t want to use the tarball Oracle provide as I want the packages registered in the management system and besides this way we get the lovely menu icons in Gnome.

Unto the step required;

  1. Download the Solaris Studio 2.2 package from here.
  2. Extact the package with bzcat SolarisStudio12.2-[OS]-[PLATFORM]-ML.tar.bz2 | tar -xf –
  3. Create a temporary folder to extract the set of SVr4 packages to with mkdir tmp
  4. Now time to extract with
    • ./ –non-interactive –extract-installation-data  tmp/
  5. If like me and your /tmp is less then 1Gb you will get an error, so append –tempdir to the above command
  6. Next is a simple cd tmp
  7. Lastly is the magic bit for i in SPRO*; do pfexec pkgadd -d $i; done

Now I should probably have mentioned before that lot that in order to use Solaris Studio you will require some additional packages as prerequisites.  Firstly I will provide the list I had to obtain, and then the list of others you might need to check to make sure they are also installed.

  • system/header
  • developer/java/jdk
  • developer/library/lint
  • system/library/math/header-math

This will not be present if you installed Solaris 11 via the LiveCD or VirtualBox image, in fact I doubt they are there even if you used the text installer or other methods, I just can’t say for sure with the others.

To install these you need to pkg install system/header etc for each of packages you are missing, you can check to see if they are installed or not with pkg info -r system/header etc…

The other dependencies you may need to check are as follows;

  • system/library/math
  • developer/macro/cpp
  • system/library/c++/sunpro
  • developer/linker
  • developer/build/make

However I suspect they should already be present.  After all that you should be good to go, log out and back into your desktop environment and you should even have some new lovely development icons.

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