Big Week…

So it’s been a pretty full on week this week, both at work and at home.

First off my lovely wife decided to buy a new fridge, my wallet screams out in pain. Cause of course it can’t be a small thing, no she goes for the 4 french door stainless model. Oh well, maybe when it comes time for a new tv in the lounge she won’t complain too loudly when I buy a 46? Sony XBR Bravia.

So then on Tuesday my sister (biologically my cousin, but cause she lived with us growing up I call her my sister.) Rebecca flies into town. Now Rebecca is 9 years older then me, and joined the Navy at 17. This year she’s served 23 years in the Royal Australian Navy and is currently a Chief.

I have really enjoyed seeing Bec, it’s been 13 years since we last got togeather, and my wife had never met her. This is what happens when you only spend 3 weeks a year in Australia and the rest at sea I guess. I almost envy her, as a child it was always my dream to follow in her and my brothers foot steps and join the Navy as well.

She’s looking pretty good for 39 I’d say.. and my daughter Dana immediately knew she was family and got most upset if Bec put her down. I just wish I got that side of the families genes.

Moving onto Wednesday at work we get our new workplace health and safety manager, the verdict is still out as to weather or not we will start a betting pool on this one. George seems like a nice enough bloke, don’t know if he is Langs stuff yet, but he might supprise me.

He is however doing better then the last person, who we started a pool on immediately as all my staff could tell they weren’t staying long. Indeed they only lasted 9 weeks, I was a bit off I only gave them 3 weeks.

Added to this one of my developers has been tossing up what to do, they have come to the conclusion they hate coding and don’t know what to do. I can sympathise as IT is not a very static friendly occupation, no matter what segment your in. However I feel he is clouding the issue, he tells me he doesn’t like the stresses coding causes him at home and the fact he takes work home.

I take on this is, no matter what you do in IT the project will always follow you home, and the fact by it’s very nature it changes constanly means you are always working or learning in your own time just to keep ahead. I don’t think he or his other half understand this and it is causing them personal relationship issues.

What he hates is fighting with the missus, and that’s understandable, however I don’t wish him to confuse the two issues. At any rate I have resolved myself to the fact I am looking for a new developer next week. I think this has been comming awhile and the fact his missus is only 3 weeks from completing her masters and has a confirmed job, he no longer needs to work.

I am having him document everything he is on at the moment and will take it from there. I would be very supprised if tomorrow he doesn’t resign.

Friday I’m at home chilling after a busy week, and Nitty falls on slashes her elbow open, and I mean well open.. bits of her insides are hanging out and I start to feel faint, cover that shit up.

After 20 minutes in the emergency room they give her a tetnus injection and then it’s 4 bloodly hours till they manage to put 6 stiches in it.. damn it there goes my Friday night.

Saturday I head down to JB hi fi and finnaly get a Asus EEE PC, not the 901 running linux as I had hoped, but due to shitty supplies and now ETA’s I cbf waiting any longer and Langs buys me a 1000H. In fact I’m using it now. Very cool, they are just so portable thy can be used any where, and so far the battery life is awesome.

Gotta head need to be in Sunwell in an hour and have to take a shower an all that, here’s a pic of my oscars since they are growing up so fast.

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