Nothing to watch…

I don’t watch a lot of TV in the normal sense even if I do pay through the nose for my Foxtel Platinum package.  I might watch the cooking channel or discovery once in a while but by and large the TV is the domain of my children.  What I do do however is watch a lot of shows from the net, and it has occurred to me lately that during this part of the year there is sweet fuck all around.

I mean when they are available there is plenty of stuff I love but they are all on at the same bloody time, so I won’t see most till the end of the year or next year. 

Here’s the list;

  • Heroes (though it is over rated)
  • Star Gate Atlantis
  • Star Gate SG1
  • Top Gear
  • Prison Break
  • Dexter
  • Hotel Babylon (wtf is with 8 episode seasons?)
  • Battle Star Galactica (wish they’d stop the whole messiah shit)
  • Torchwood

I mean to combat this void I am getting Hell Kitchen 3, but the yanks mess with it an bleep out all the profanity so every second sentence out of ramsey’s mouth is “come here *bleep* you *bleep* *bleep* *bleep*” and then if it’s not Ramsey it’s the contestants getting hit with the bleep stick.  So I’d actually rather wait and watch it on foxtel where it gets aired in all it’s glory.

All in all Australian TV even paid for has turned to shit.  There is all this hype at the moment about the local production called “Sea Patrol” omfg it’s a train wreck on film, they could have at the very least hired some ex-navy NCO’s as consultants, I have rarely seen something soo bad… I mean this is in the same league as the monstrosity that was the Wing Commander movie.  At this point I think they should have just asked the ABC for the scripts from the old Patrol Boat series and remade them.

Australia is always told by the Government how well off we are and how great we benchmark to the other OECD countries, well I’m sorry but as far as development goes I feel we are bordering 3rd World Country status technology and infrastructure wise.  Lets look at this, we are taxed though our eye balls and then when you add all the extra things we have to pay for in reality we pay more in tax then France.  I don’t mind paying taxes they are very much a part of a developed societies life, however you are ment to get something for these taxes, they should add to national development and provide services.

 I live in Brisbane, that’s meant to be a great modern city.  I pay $300+ a week in taxes, yet I still have to pay for private health insurance as at the moment you wouldn’t want your pet relying on the current public health system since the Government has starved it of resources in a bid to force everyone into a HMO type system the US has since we all know how great that is right?  I am only allowed to use 140 Litres of water a day, I mean ffs I have to have a 4 minute shower and can’t wash my damn car, what modern city runs out of water?

It gets better though because our road network is so messed up I can’t get any where on the north side of brisbane in under 2 hours.  Sorry did I say road network? thats a tad misleading as it doesn’t really work well enough to be called a network but they’ve come up with such a great plan to fix this that only requires us all to pay 4 buck tolls if we want to use it.

Hello??? isn’t this shit my rates, taxes and car registration is ment to pay for???  Someone please for the love of god tell me what value for money I am getting here?  Oh I know it must pay for the ambulance service right? wrong we get slugged extra there on our power bills to pay for that.. ok so it must be the Police yeah? opps nope forgot last time I called them about a stolen car they didn’t even bother showing up guess their quota was low and they had to get more speeding tickets issued.

Don’t get me started on the state of our Telephony and Data costs comparies to other nations or the bullshit that goes on with fuel (comments on that to come later).

Australia sorry but we are being taken for a ride, income tax and a GST that’s just criminal to start with, don’t forget the duty taxes as well.  If you sit down and calculate the tax we pay plus all the additional essential services we have to pay for, you come to the conclusion we are one of the highest taxed countries in the world, not the lowest.  Every year our cost of living increases, at this rate we’ll be passing on our mortgages to our children and working till the day we die.  What a sad state of affairs we have allowed to occur.   We are paying the price of apathy and gluttony.

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